Danny Glover Remix Verse- Nicki Minaj (Lyrics on Screen) New 2014

I got somethin’ for you lookin’-ass niggas
Week and a half, I’mma be in that ass… pause
It’s like I’m working on an album and a mixtape at the same motherfucking time!

Every time I come out I ain’t never with no new bitches
These bitches is stealing, I’m-a sue bitches
Dripping down his dick, this pussy too vicious
Every time I fuck him I say “who’s is it?”
(Yo!) Who the fuck tell them that they was like Nicki? Oh no, bitches didn’t!
I’m-a give bitches a minute of shine then I’ll tell ’em good riddance
To raise a child, it might take a village
But I would’t know cause these bitches my sons; yes, they was, and they still is
Gave him the kitten, now that nigga smitten
Told him to hop in my foreign and then I said “no, I’m just kiddin’!”
Hell of a livin’, you bitches on chitlins
When I come out of my mansion I sprinkle some bread to the pigeons
Bitches is lyin’, they lyin’, they lyin’, they lie in they bio
So I ain’t fuckin’ with chickens unless I got pico de gallo
Girls is plottin’, what more could they steal?
Tell Justin Timberlake that I am comin for Jessica Biel
Bitch I’m a star-rah, you niggas, I holla tomarrah
Doors go up cause I am too rich to cop a Gallardo
No regular doors, on Aventadors
Painted it pink just so I could take pictures while you rented yours
Hell of a ticket, hell of a price
I want it, I get it, I wire the money, I never think twice
I am not gay, but let’s be precise
Cause if she pretty, then watch it cause I’m-a be fuckin’ ya wife

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