Doobie – When The Drugs Don’t Work (Official Video)

Watch the official music video of “When The Drugs Don’t Work.”

Produced by Doobie
Shot by @DrewGotEm


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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Okay [ __ ] snow bunny too I'm on that cane like I'm getting oh I've been had that crack here in my bunk Okay cowboy Indiana Jones I had to give Me a set like it's [ __ ] cold Oh my oh my rocket hi I'm a shoe-in star Like I shot this guy I can't see why you Even call my soup is he looking at your Ass when you was walking by cousin goofy Like max day I'm hotter than wax that Off – it's like Geoff Geoff smoking Oh Cheap by the hashtag I mean the pound When you look around I pass that oh I'm Gonna aircraft from Android you a shack I take your spot you won't never get Your check back I get paid to sit on my Ass see check and this you don't smoke It or smell it just don't work Girl you a fool if you love no you a Nerd they call me cold by first name Curt got a nose full of coke in a cup Full of dirt yeah you should be right Here with me but you blew it and I blow I'm too sure with my tools I'm folding Coco Loco Okay a mistake ballerinas dancing on my Cup is therefore snow bunny – uh-oh [Music]

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