CJ SO COOL – Get A Bag ft. Jinx Da Rebel

By | December 24, 2017

Get A Bag ft Jinx Da Rebel (Official Video) Song Available everywhere now https://t.co/KyBEFX0Xj8

Get A Bag Out On Spotify Now https://t.co/Xkh8rCfND9

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July 26 – Detroit, MI
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Aug 2 – Seattle, WA
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Aug 11 – Atlanta, GA

[Music] Whoa whoa All this drip on pull up on the ops with The info Gang Gang put the bullets in Your window catch a bullet they forget It comes my hand fall better Roger that Like tenfold been getting to the hands That simple being jigging and killing The instrumentals got five cars on dude Rentals get it back and I kick a light Jitsu I get that baggy you know I'm a Spinner I just fit sixty the flood on my Wrist twenty-eight teeny you know that It's farm chain on my neck is you know That it's blowing flex on my wallet my Best attempt field I'm in the mention The top of the heat so I get it back and You get it back and then I get another Ring you do it – I get that back then I Get that cool baby knee temples and Finals the fool I see you begging not Get it pursue you see a bag and submit Your boots Oh ride around the city in And white jersey says she only want the Nice things I do all that I'm saying is Gucci feel better than pellets and vans And now for my starter be better than Blending I'm on my money then pop all The bands and I want my haters to drop What he's saying Only difference is I'm really out to do It all and their money in the bathroom Another star doing with the cootie you Should come and risk it off doc taking

Over like piggy in the brain good play Lil homie weed a woman in a man j-10 I Acted it into the egg sharing some cash Money man I'm on to the next that's to The K to the ride to the e get the bag From my baby you are di e then I put the Last line on Gio deep each side every nd Whether I repeat can't get that baggie You know I'm a spin I just get 60 the Flood on my wrist 28 tini you know that It's fun ten on my naked you know that It's glowing flex on my wallet my Bankers can feel I'm in the mention the Stop by the heat so I get a magazine you Get a baggie then I get another drink You do it – I get it back in our just a Later back never empty I'm filling it up Make it my mission my pissy little plug Running up a checking sex pistol the Trunk to a hole like a bag full of junk Food money maybe on a whole lot of gym Shoes tryna be ready but I'm really just Committed if I hit the wrong then I'm Blowing like pity haters gonna hate for The rich getting richer think I'm going Broke then I'm thinking you were silly Loving instincts from my leg after Village I've been gettin money you ain't Even gotta feel man I get to the bag you Ain't even gotta give it I read you Bahamas you ain't even gonna Sit this I on my clothing and tight in My body and I keep on winning like this In Lombardy CJ so cold I'm the life of

The party but they get like I'm a ninja Party I'll get the bagging them haters Atari Chain on my new pilot cousin apartment Not talking money yo combo was boring You got me snoring Get that baggie you know I'm a spinner I Just fit 62 flood on my wrist 28 teeny You know that it's fun chain on my neck Is you know that is blown flex on my Wallet my best attempt feel I'm in the Mention the top of the heat I get it Back and you get it back and then I'll Get another ring you do it too I guess they're baggy you know I'm a Spinner I just fit 60 to flood on my Wrist 28 teeny you know that is farm Chain on my neck is you know that it's Glowing plaques on my wallet my bank Account field I'm in the mention the top Of the heel I get it back and then you Get a baguette then I get another ring You do it – you do it – do it – I get it Back in the you get it back and then I'll get another when you do it – you do It – you do it – I get it back in then You get it back in then I get another Ring you do with Chuck Where you'll see I'd be the queen of Things I wake up and get it they dream It things rolling your recent designer Jeans [ __ ] they want me to find a Thing Pushing the Jeepers on 32 spinning the

Money like I never lose whippin the Truck like I ain't got a coupe you Freshen the meat but [ __ ] where's your Proof my [ __ ] the king we making it Happen these [ __ ] mummy they don't Want to actually [ __ ] is trippin I Might give this

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