Deon Cole on R. Kelly, Terry Crews, Jussie Smollett, Michael Jackson, Old Spice (Full Interview)

In this full interview, Deon Cole reflects on his career success that led him to become the global face of Old Spice, in addition to being a series regular on “Black-ish” and writing for “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.” Elsewhere, he also speaks on all the hottest topics in the entertainment industry, including his thoughts on Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, and Jussie Smollett. Furthermore, he laughs about Terry Crews responding to Vlad on Twitter during his campaign against “toxic masculinity,” adding that despite his allegiance to feminity he doesn’t believe that the former Old Spice ambassador is actually gay.

All right here we go Dion cole welcome back yes yes y'all yes Welcome back it's been a minute been a Minute one of my favorite guests man Thank you man thank you and you know you Know what i love also Is that when i haven't talked to someone In a while and i bring them back And they level up during that time You know i mean since that time that we Haven't talked like I see all this all this new stuff you Know these new business deals these new Big Looks and that's exactly what you have Done since last time thank you so much Sir well First first and foremost you're the new Global ambassador Global the whole world Ambassador of old spice yeah that's Crazy right god Damn i know right I didn't see that one coming i'll be Honest did you see that one coming No no no no no not at all not at all but It made sense It made sense but i didn't see it coming But it but it but it made sense like Once once it came at me it was it was it Was odd I remember like like maybe about a year And a half ago i was Like with this girl we were just sitting

There watching Swatches something on tv or something And she was like and the old spice Commercial came On and she's like this you'll kill that [ __ ] And i was like no she said she said you Should do an old spice commercial and i Said i killed that [ __ ] I just in my mind i was like yo i would Love to do one and i'm like i would kill That [ __ ] you know just Me personally because i like that kind Of comedy and [ __ ] you know And then a year and a half later like Yo so did they reach out you reached out What happened So they reached out to my age my agency And they were talking about they were Looking at like three Four guys for this and so They uh called me we had a Conversation on the phone and Right after that man i say about a Couple days later after that my manager Called me and was like yo Uh you you the old spice guy and i was Like You didn't have to audition or anything No no no no no because Like i said they had like three guys in Mind and so they was like talking to all Three of us and so once they talk to me When we got when i got on the phone with

Them i think i think the turning point Was it was all of them on this phone and I was on the phone i couldn't hear Everybody And i said something like this is the Worst three-way ever And they was just like huh it's like i Can't hear none of y'all like This is the worst three-way i ever had In my life and right after that they're Just laughing You're right and then yeah basically They they man they called back and was Like yo But also because you know old spice is Like a really quirky Like corky like brand or whatever So between all the stuff that i did on Conan All the quirky [ __ ] that i did on conan And the character i play on blackish Which is Corky as hell and on grownish and the Character i played on angie tribeca Which was You know um you know like If you don't know about angie tribeca It's like airplane Or elite like uh like naked gun like That kind of comedy So for me to be playing that kind of Quirky character On all these different platforms i guess They were like

It just don't get no you know corkier Than this dude or whatever so Then bringing me in um it made sense at That time you know And so we just we just rocked the road After that Next thing i know i said as soon as they Told me five days later i was on the Plane of portugal To film the commercial commercials yeah Okay And when you say global that means that These commercials are being played in Other countries as well Yes around the world and and they dubbed In different languages like they'll be Dubbed in russia Um you know uh uh Um portugal uh japanese Spanish spanish everything yeah they wow Yeah they'd be dubbed all over the Opposite Global campaign it's crazy is this the Biggest check you've ever gotten in your Career it's crazy It's crazy it ain't like It's it's not like it's like like Like crazy crazy but it's like wow Like endorsements it's like like you Hear about that until you do it and you Go Oh oh okay yeah Yeah yes yes I agree this is i agree i agree with

Everyone doing this And uh you know like i don't really know The commercial uh world very well but Do you get paid every time the Commercial runs in different Just period all around the world or is It just kind of like a lump sum and then Yeah it's like It's like it's like a lump sum for a Period of time And then after that period time after Certain Uh uh things that i do With the with the brand or whatever then After That obligation is done then whatever Else they need me for then they'll like Just pay me For it well man congrats yeah it's crazy Congrats Crazy and honestly like just sit back And stay out of everybody wait Just shut up and honestly when i saw it I'm like Oh this is a good fit it wasn't like uh I don't know i got it guys grow on me a Little bit No i was like okay yeah i got it yeah i Got it and It was so crazy everyone felt like that Everyone felt like Yo we get it like like i did like i was Like Oh yeah yeah just yeah like yeah this

Works Yeah so it was it was great man and it's Been great man shout out to old spikes Well uh kevin hart did a cameo in one of The commercials yeah Yeah those balls yeah yeah yeah but his His web series called his boss we did a Promotion for it Collabed with old spice and me yeah we We knocked out something real dope yeah That was dope man Yes i guess you blame them for stealing Your ideas Uh before you was terry crews Was he the first like old spice guy no It was isaiah mustafa Mustafa was the guy who was on the horse The guy who was like look at your man Now look at me you know look back at Your man All right that guy he was the first like Black old spice dude that i know of And then came terry crews and then me Okay so they've always had a black guy That's the old spice guy yeah Yeah yeah and this and this and this Like uh like they have like Like it's a historical run of men that Are brand old spice ambassadors you know It's like a It's like a elite thing you know where It's like It goes back like oh spice goes back Like almost like a hundred years it

Started off as a As a woman's cologne oh spice was a Woman's cologne it started off it's like Okay and then and then it transitioned Over to me and it's just been like A man's things okay and is there a Bigger corporation that owns old spicer Is that why is there like a bigger Corporation that owns no old spice is Its own company I believe so i believe so it's not owned By gillette or Not after nothing that's what i mean Like that no no No no no no no oswald's got buildings Everywhere like everywhere like Companies everywhere yeah it's his own Joy Dope man no thanks When did terry crews actually transition Out of that role I'm not even sure i don't know i know Terry is with them for a long time Maybe like eight years he's doing for Like eight years or so Yeah and uh i don't know when when he Transitioned out of it You know and some of terry's commercials Think he wears like A wig and makeup and a dress stuff like That did they ever offer That type of thing for you nah like we We went cork We went like really weird and different

When i flew to portugal we shot a bunch Of commercials That was like really really weird and Odd and stuff you know Which is cool which was part of the old Spice brand but it was never like no Dresses or nothing like that okay But it was it was funny funny stuff like On some hercules type Type joint but everyday man type stuff Like i don't have no abs and i ain't Like Muscled out and super sexy and all that You know it's the fact that they just Wanted a man's man that was just Everyday dude this time and so that's That was That was another connection that we had That i wasn't One of those like right yeah because Mostafa was all yeah Ripped off the stop was like sexy you Know revenant terry was all cut You know i'm just like i'm just i just Exist Well if old spice asked you To dress like a girl would you do it oh I don't i don't know if that's like my Brand like that i don't think that i'm Like good A good fit for that you know i think we Can i think we can like talk about it I've done it before where i put on the Apron

Like a like a maids dress one time One time on conan and i did that i think That was like the only time i did that And i was like Okay gotcha i thought yeah i'm i don't Know if i'm ever do this again nice You and terry have a relationship we Cool like when we see each other yeah I'd be like what up t But like we ain't on the phone every day I'm just like yo yo but Every time i see tea we yeah it's always Love What do you think about the whole you Know sexual assault thing that happened And so forth I mean i understand what t was doing A lot of people been given t slack and [ __ ] slacking [ __ ] like He should have beat his ass and all that But i think i think he was trying to Like You know just make a point where it's Like yeah i Can beat your ass i got all the Equipment to beat Your ass but i'm not I'm gonna i'm gonna play this game the Way that Everyone else plays this game i'm gonna Get you where it hurt i'm gonna hit you In your pocket I'm gonna come at you a different way I'm not gonna come to you

The way that you probably would want me To you know what i mean so I i looked at it like that you know i'm A big Firm believer of his two sides to every Story so i i looked at it like He was like i'm gonna get them another Way right we also don't know what Exactly happened we don't know exactly Because the other guy adam uh you know Out of venice i think uh he never really Spoke about it publicly right so we Don't know I mean have you ever had men come on to You In hollywood yeah they had dudes come to Me Come on to me a lot and how do you Usually handle it Uh first of all i'd be cool i'm like oh Man i'm flattered thanks Right now and then when they like get a Little more aggressive with it i just be Like my man Like yo you don't want to do that Like straight up and down like i'm i'm Like you don't want to do that You really don't you really don't want To do that well i just interviewed Michael jackson oh yeah yeah okay and uh You know i asked What would happen if a man walked up to Him and tried to grab him He said i might kill him it's a

Different thing I mean i guess i can see everybody's Perspective um Uh there's a you know Part of me that just kind of like and i Start putting I can't put myself in that situation Because I don't have that i don't there's Somebody i'm gonna Okay so if i would kill somebody okay so If a gay man if a gay man walked up to You And grabbed your your genitals uh-huh What would you do I think i'd probably i probably Hit him in the solar plexus really hard Yeah like like like it like if a man Tried to grab me yeah like I just like i i know how i get down So i just i would seriously i think Everything i tried I tried to think everything out so i Would honestly think that out instead of Just reacting and just whipping his ass Like that Unless he was like because how how about From over like drunk is [ __ ] he's Doing trying to reach and grab or some [ __ ] like that I like i don't i wouldn't like beat him To death for that because he drunk i Would like Yeah somebody get your man right get

Your man You know and like kind of like i'ma try To Avoid all confrontations as possible Until they get like out of hand and if You sober doing that [ __ ] Then yeah then we you know then we got The you know i might i might have to put The foo flops on you Yeah i mean and i've talked about this Before in some of my interviews i Remember This one time in israel some you know Gay israeli dude walked up to me and Started like biting on my shoulder Like just something weird you know i Mean all right and i'm like it catch you All god catch you off you look Like yeah you gotta you know how that Really hey I guess i didn't see you know and that's The whole thing and we we've talked About this a lot you know like me and tk Kirkland had a whole conversation about This About how we just didn't really see How it's a huge d making a big deal like This Someone like terry is like i could just Push them off and call it a day Right but the way he turned to the first Metoo Male victim was a bit weird to us no And don't get me wrong also on some on

Some man [ __ ] It's like [ __ ] what you doing right [ __ ] what you doing But in this movement and today's error And [ __ ] I think he was trying to like make a Point or whatever but Yeah it's like i i get it but I mean we're in the era of the victim We're in the area we are in the era Where The victim is celebrated yo the victim Is celebrated all the way Around the board it's like you'd rather Be a Victim than a hero That's where we're at now the hero's Gonna be the bully the hero is the Brother He beat all those people won that gold Medal he yeah he That he won gold like that's where we at That's where we at look at steph curry Without trophies [Applause] Lebron's never gonna recover from that Matter of fact just trophy for everybody Else so you won't feel bad Everyone gets a goddamn trophy that's What we add now That's where we're at that's where we're At and as a man i just can't Come to grips with that i get it i Struggle with it i just don't get it

I just don't get it we're in a very Different type of age right now Different different climate right now Yeah don't even They don't they don't feel familiar they Don't feel like there's an Answer like i i haven't know i don't Even know how to maneuver In in today's climate like yeah Me and tk kirkland had a conversation About this recently and tk actually goes Way back with terry Like way back like he's to say when Terry was broke he's to help pay his Rent You know took him his wife out to dinner Took him on tour with him Give him money every night and they had A falling out at one point and we had This whole conversation And it was somewhat playful and uh the Conversation you know Was and and the level like and The the fuss that he's making over this You know because like i remember i had Godfrey on my show recently and i i told Him about You know when i was in jerusalem one day Some gay guy tried to hit on me Right he kind of like you know try to Bite my the shirt on my shoulder Right and i'm like all right i just like Nah this i'm cool i just walked away I didn't make a big deal of it i didn't

Really even really care i was like hey Not my thing i keep it moving but to to Make the type of fuss he's making Like are you secretly trying to hide Something and are you Being overly defensive you know the Whole point and Really if terry crews is gay or bisexual Just come out to class man you know it's A it's an environment you know you're Wearing purses and high boots now and Everything else like that Like i said you're a man i'm a man to All the people who are have no problem Being men in today's world because it's A hard thing being a man Today when a man that you think is a man Doesn't do what men are supposed to do This is what you allow People's minds to start thinking Regardless of i'm gonna do this for To defend masculinity or whatever he's Trying to defend with the boots in the Purse Real [ __ ] is going to think This way And we put it out there like that right And we both were like well we don't know Maybe he is maybe he isn't right and we Put it out there And the title was something like tk Kirkland of vlad Wonder you know uh terry crews is Secretly gay then terry responds to us

And said Tk kirkland and vlad wonder out loud Why they're sexually attracted to terry Crews Over the next two days he was retweeting People who are like terry's not gay and He's like retweeting the [ __ ] that has My name all in it and stuff like that And my response was like well terry You're the only one that wears a That has a purse and mary j blige no More drama boots you know what i mean [Laughter] Remember that remember the boots and the The purse Remember that yeah and i'm like terry Back up through Let's chop it up come on What are you saying he didn't hit him That was the end of that That's crazy Yo man like i said that's funny or you Would you were adam without i went out Of man yo i just think like i don't I don't believe terry's gay i don't i Don't believe that I just think he when he went about this A different angle than what the normal Man would do and anytime you do Anything out of character is going to be Judged And is going to be [ __ ] Dissed and all of that so I i just look at it like that you know

And When things happen differently It's weird to everybody at first but Then Somebody else might do somebody else Might come in the line of what terry did As as crazy it might sound somebody Might do the same thing terry did Like i remember the first time i saw a [ __ ] a man with extensions Right like like braids Extension i think fatty i mean i was Like dread extension and i was like this What the [ __ ] is he doing like why would he do That like that [ __ ] look whack as [ __ ] Like why would he do that That she was odd that she was odd to me As [ __ ] right Still is still is but Everybody got that [ __ ] now meaning that The first time you see something you Play that [ __ ] you diss it but then After it becomes normal then everybody's Cool with it so somebody got to take the Butt of that and i think terry's taking A butt for something that Probably start happening more and more Often Well i mean we talk about the the You know the age of the victim no one Personifies that better than Jesse smallett do you know him Personally

I met him you met him madam i could Imagine When i was younger paying someone Let's just say i'm out with a date with A girl i'm trying to impress you know I'll pay you You know a hundred dollars to come Harass her and then i beat you ass in Front of her you know I'll pay you to get beat up in front of Me i could do i could see that you know And then i look like the hero and i go And get laid afterwards like you know i I get that situation Paying someone to beat me up i just Cannot comprehend beat you Up you can't comprehend that Yeah this is the day this is today's day The day of the victim You rather get that but i have a theory On that Gay tupac yo that he now If we gonna get him on anything [Laughter] Let's get him on that [ __ ] statement That was the dumb [ __ ] up i'm the gay Tupac Cut it out no but i I have a theory on that [ __ ] what's the Theory I feel i feel personally That it had nothing to do with money it Had nothing to do with none of that Okay i believe that

First of all i knew it was [ __ ] Because i'm from chicago And when he said it was some [ __ ] in a vortex Of negative 30 degrees downtown chicago In baseball caps [Laughter] That ain't nobody wearing no Maga baseball caps in chicago downtown By the lakefront Where it's negative 30 degrees and i Have not seen No magga skull caps yet so I know you [ __ ] about that [ __ ] okay But Him having the situation that he has I believe he was covering up i think i Believe he was covering up a sexual Act that he had going on i think that he Because he had a living boyfriend and His boyfriend was gone And i believe that he had a sexual act With some some dude where they was on Some wild [ __ ] And he was choking him or something and Then when he woke up that morning He had that mark around his neck and he Had to cover it up So he paid a couple nigerians to go buy Some rope and Some red hats and some bleach and cover It up This is probably the best breakdown you Had that you're going to have

I'm going to play you uh you know you Sound crazy But i i believe this uh this guy named Ace vain who does these parody videos Did a parody of the good morning america Interview And this is literally i probably watch This 100 times this is one of my Favorite things to watch As a gay man that's cap i don't want to Hear it As a black man no [ __ ] look uh We're not doing this no gay no black You making us look stupid bro i got beat Up though for real Remember the selfie look at the selfie Look it's a scratch They scratch me and that scratch Came from a place like hey You don't believe my emotions right now I'm a good actor I mean i'm not acting right now but i Mean you don't believe my performance You don't watch empire not since season Two wrap this [ __ ] up bruh daddy wrote Around my neck Yeah look what what what do you believe Right now I just want you to stop lying [ __ ] down about this [ __ ] for Real you playing Uh i just wanna be gay two pop man you Can't be gay tupac Yes i can [ __ ] tupac was the gay tupac

In the straight tupac he all the tupac's [Laughter] That is stupid Yeah man i mean [ __ ] is really Out here dying Over this [ __ ] i know you i know you Think i'm tripping but look He had a living boyfriend his boyfriend Was gone okay And so therefore he went and had a wild Night dipping off with somebody And he had a wild sexual act And he had to cover it up he couldn't go Film with that With their marks around his neck and he Couldn't have the marks on his neck when This man came home or whatever so he had To do something and i know it sounds far Fetched what i'm saying but i honestly Believe that That's what he did in order to cover it Up and mind you People would go through elaborate lies In order to cover up stuff They definitely will please believe it I've even asked women i've been like What would you do if if you came if you If your man went out of town and you Came back home I mean you went and got with another man And you came back and you woke up that Morning you had a big hickey on your Neck What would you do you know what women

Told me they would they would Here's what they said that they would go Stay with their mama for a few days And wouldn't go to work and stay with Their mama until the hickey went away Other women said they'll burn themselves With a curling iron One chick told me she said i'll go get My hair done and then Burn myself with a curl in my hair in Order To cover that up the point i'm making is That makes sense that makes sense yeah i Mean someone trying to cover up Something so I know you think and the more elaborate It is The the more that you believe it more Because you think Why would he say and do this or whatever But that's what it was Those nigerian guys they said they never Put a hand on them And the police yeah they said they never Touched them Police and the police said that The marx was self-inflicted but there Wasn't self-inflicted I think i think that they had to do some Sexual act that he had And empire just released something on Tmz not too long ago Saying that they don't think that this Attack was over money

So now we take money off the equation we Take the beating of these guys out of The equation What else is left what happened and why Would you and what else would you do to Cover up something like that you would Do that in order to keep your partner You would do that and then letter thing The letter was sent like 10 days Earlier so he just played off of the Letter you get one of them well but they Had found magazines at the nigerian Brother's house That matched up with the letter he went And got the same guys Because he probably dipped off days Later you get what i'm saying This is the most sensible thing that i Think Could have happened if that ain't it Then i don't know why he did it I don't know why i did it and he gonna Go to jail if he long if he lie on the Stand He can all day long right now but when He gets stand he gonna have to he needs To just tell people the truth Cut a couple checks here you go aside For wasting your time sorry for wasting Your time and then go lay back somewhere Yeah but he went on good morning america He got on stage off the gateway Bigger than you get bigger than you okay It get bigger than you i guess we'll see

Especially See plus they was trying i think a lot Of energy came to that story because You know they was trying to pass this Law in congress as well as far as the Lynching i heard about this and and so By him doing this lynch thing it brought More attention Like hey see we really needed they Included uh Basically gay bashing in that in that Law And that law that's why it took off the Way that it did When it wasn't supposed to you get what I'm saying And that's that's just me i i could be Crazy but I know if i'm trying to keep my woman And i got a hickey on my neck or some Rope stuff around my That's why when the police when he Showed up when he showed up and the Police was like he was walking with a Noose around his neck If you can if somebody put a noose Around your neck you're taking that and That's the last that's the first thing You took yeah Because if they had it so tight on you You want to get that thing off yeah as Soon as they run off you're taking the Damn thing But when the police saw him yo he had he

Still had the noose around his neck Because he wants Look hey look this is this is why this Happened And i could be wrong about everything You know uh Once once the whole you know more Information came out Uh you know and we do a flashback every Day And uh i got to thinking about this Whole situation You know about the whole gay tupac thing So we put out this clip because i'd Interviewed mo preem shakur Who was uh yeah brother and i titled the Clip And i said unlike quote unquote gay Tupac Jessie smallette the real tupac actually Did get beat up by racists Because tupac actually got beat up by Racist uh white cops Yeah and uh you know me and mo prime Actually talked about that whole Situation Was one of the pictures of tupac with His face now that's someone who really Got [ __ ] up right his whole eye was Almost closed and there was bruises and And serious cuts yeah just explaining That yeah jesse seemed like he was okay Man I'm telling you i think that it was

Self-inflicted It's not self-inflicted it was through Whoever he was Messing around with made these marks on Him he needed to just tell the truth and Be like man I was [ __ ] around i'm sorry because He couldn't go film like that and he Couldn't go around his boyfriend like That He needed to just be honest because That's the only thing that makes sense To me Yeah other than that i i don't know and It wasn't money It wasn't money he was getting money he Did twenty thousand an episode no he was More than that yes he was getting more Money do you know how much No i don't know how much but i think it Was over a hundred Really he wasn't the star we actually Know he was a star He was the star of that show taraji p Henson Terrance and taraji they run the show Dude was like co-starring but a lot of Them A lot of that couldn't happen without Him we actually put up an article Based on a fox 29 report Taraji and terence were getting 175 000 Per episode Uh jesse smallnet was getting 20 000. oh

Okay Which is the bad but it's not rich you Know i don't Me personally i don't think that that's True Okay but maybe but i just don't see him Because first of all you got to get Scale Your first time around when it comes to You being an actor and you're going you Being on the network television Your first time around going scale Is more than that so therefore i don't See him getting 20 And you're doing all this stuff that Other people can't do you're not only Acting You singing you dancing you're writing Songs You kissing man you're doing all this [ __ ] that a lot of people can't do Right for 20 minutes 20 mins right no he not getting 20 bands I don't care what i say it don't make Sense to me But if that's true then fine but yo i Don't see He is unreplaceable they can't kill him Off that show i don't think so and if They do They lose the gay relationship Part unless they bring in some other Guys that's going to Sing dance kiss and do all that like he

Do You spoke about the gucci boycott um now Interestingly enough can we get the Camera I feel like you did it on purpose Because you probably knew i was going to Ask about No you know what i did not i love these Shoes And i had these shoes before the boycott I posted it i posted these shoes before The boycott because they brand new And they look old as [ __ ] and they look So shitty and so i was just showing People How gucci was selling these shoes that's Really shitty That i like because I don't have just dirty shoes like that But to have some it keeps me from being As i don't have to tiptoe around this [ __ ] like that i could just do Whatever i want i can kick in these i Can Get a cockaroll over these [ __ ] And they still sweet But i still wear my gucci stuff that i Have previously I have not bought anything new yet yeah I'm kind of the same boat Yeah i'm not i'm i haven't bought Anything New but i'm going to wear what i have Already i'm not gonna stop wearing what

I what i what i have already yeah i mean I was just in new york And uh you know i have an apartment out There and all my beanies were Gucci beanies so i had to go to like the Corner store and buy like a shitty Beanie To wear around my hip-hop friends So they wouldn't give me a hard time That's i had to go in my closet and get Like all my regular jean jackets right Exactly yeah didn't have g's exactly but I i had to do that for a while but then I'm like you know what It is what it is man well i mean you Spoke about it and you said uh I don't even think that people believe Much in what they're protesting they Just need something to [ __ ] about I like to throw things on uh in my set Just to see Who they really are you'd be surprised Well number one what do you think about The whole gucci blackface thing Well i think first of all These companies are overseas they Don't understand what we went through And what we go through like that Our our situation that goes on in America They don't really know about and they're Not investing in it like that Do they have slavery in italy i don't Think i don't think they

I don't think they did and if they did I'm not sure maybe they did The roman empire had slaves the roman Empire and all that [ __ ] yeah they was Doing all that kind of [ __ ] but just Grabbing [ __ ] from africa bringing them Over there to build their country up I don't know nothing about that i'm not Sure but what i do know is Racism over there it's racism over there But it ain't like america or racism Different yeah Ain't no racism like america you go when You go to europe you realize How there is a like a lack Of the base level racism that you just Experience day to day in america yes yes Exactly yeah so i feel like these Companies Don't really understand everything that We went through so they just put Together whatever Whatever the [ __ ] they put together and There There aren't any black people over there To tell them yes or no So therefore they just do what they do i Don't i honestly don't Think that it's malice like that but They put it together then they go oh i'm Sorry and then they make a difference Like gucci like dapper dan he He talked to gucci and they came and

Talked to him in harlem yeah the ceo Yeah ceo and and and they're doing Diversity projects they're hiring blacks All around the world now and they're Making the difference so After hearing that i was like i am a Poor man i'm gonna pull out my gucci Stuff Slowly but surely but i'ma pull it out But I have another theory on that which is i Think Sometimes i think these companies do That [ __ ] on purpose There you go they're trolling they do That [ __ ] on purpose because Well here here it is i think sometimes They do it on purpose In order to keep the value of their Company together because they probably Feel like If too many black Just like remember people tommy Hilfinger was like i didn't make my Clothes for black people You know something that was a rumor i Think but i remember hearing that ann Timberland I remember timberland said that a long Time ago too so What they do is because there is not a Coincidence to me that Burberry katy perry Gucci uh uh uh what was the other

Um h m h M they not doing all this Within the same year within the same Year they're not doing that's not Coincidence I feel as though they go you know what We're gonna let this slide and see what Happened or we're gonna put that out There Keep the black dollar and the black Dollar is huge i get what you're saying Like no they gonna want the money But nah they're gonna probably they'll Be like yo we want to be around so We want like white people to keep this Like like Really really pristine and not have no Black people by this and devalue i think They think that sometimes Well i mean but the black dollar is huge Yeah it's huge and And i mean the thing about black Fashion that i've always noticed Was that the black community community Will embrace A certain brand and rock it to death and Then be done And then it'll just be played out yes You know i mean at one point you Couldn't wear fubu anymore you couldn't Wear carl can i Exactly you couldn't wear cross colors Exactly why i mean these are black owned Brands and i've i've interviewed

All these guys personally let's go back To i'm from chicago let's go back to Willy ware Uh you man all this like in the 80s type Joints like these Black designer willy we're like these Are Premium designers but like you said we Wear that [ __ ] to Death and then we're done with it then We're done and i think Brands are a little scared of that and That's what and that's what i because Because Ultimately i think a lot of the world Looks at the black community as Taste makers and trendsetters as to Okay what's happening all these rappers And you know All these you know celebrities and Actors are wearing gucci oh okay i'm Gonna wear gucci i'm gonna wear I'm gonna wear them you know balenciaga Sock shoes i'm going to i'm going to do All this other [ __ ] Oh they're not wearing anymore well i Guess i'm going to stop wearing it too You see it all the time But you know when you talk about the True religion True religion yeah true religion was you Couldn't go Nowhere without rocking truth and this Is a reason that's a reason

Bankrupt did they file for bankruptcy They're bankrupt now and that's what i Mean by these companies are like you Know what we don't want The black dollar to overtake our company And then we become Nothing then they don't be cool so you Know what let's throw this let's throw This Let's throw this [ __ ] out there let's Throw this out there so people like oh Yeah we ain't buying that no more and They go Great great now we can even the [ __ ] Back out I could be i could be crazy but i i Believe That it is that as well it's what i said Before And i think it's this too think about This i think i think willie d Said this on his instagram notice how All these companies all these High-end fashion brands they're only Really trolling the black community Yeah you don't see like a sweater with Like slanty eyes no You know where asian people get offended You don't see like a swastika You know or a jewish star like [ __ ] up Looking type thing They're not [ __ ] with these other Groups That might actually do some serious

Damage like okay now we're gonna really [ __ ] We're gonna we're gonna stop our Factories will stop printing your [ __ ] How's that yes you know what i'm saying There's a reason for that and i honestly Think For them to all do that within a year Yeah This wasn't even spread it out yo this Was in a Year almost within the few the same Month A lot of that [ __ ] and you mean to tell Me that This was all a coincidence [ __ ] no I think a lot of these companies realize Like okay it's going to be a big uproar We're going to get a lot of publicity Yeah and then we'll do an apology we'll Do some diversity training We'll have a token black guy that works With us say Say it's okay a month later Like who's still boycotting uh starbucks Nobody nobody seriously Nobody you you've completely forgotten About it you forgot all about starbucks It was a big deal it was it was a big Deal and everybody was protesting They shut down all the stores across America for an entire day yeah And we're talking about thousands and Thousands of vacations

And and by them doing that show their Apology their appreciation for the black Dollar and all of that and then Everybody got cool again But there were some black people who Fell back off off of starbucks for a Minute And then they gradually came back on but That goes with everything they have to Throw these they have to throw these These these fillers that we we got to Throw we got to hit you We got to we got to get you off us for a Little bit because we're a little too Hot And we don't want to die down so we got To hit you with this In order for ford to calm down and then We can We can keep selling the way that we work Me and tk kirkland we had a conversation About this recently and he said the Coldest [ __ ] he said you know and no Disrespect cause you're white am i right Okay see white people want to put black Face on everything except jesus [Laughter] I read that online Everything but jesus then jesus jesus is Black [Applause] Skin of foreign hair wool say it in the Bible Right yeah i don't know white folks

Would know well there were just no white People in that area period yeah i've Been to jerusalem Yeah yeah i'm hot yes I was getting sunburned Yeah man so you're wearing gucci again Basically yo like i said i'm wearing What i have Like i'm not gonna like stop wearing What i have but me personally I i personally had a problem with myself Buying too much of it and i needed a way Out i did i prayed to god i said Lord i'm buying too much gucci and then It hit like bam i was like thank you Jesus But god made it where you i couldn't Even wear What i had too so i was like whoa hey Hey Lord i want you to do all that but yeah I had to I had to uh now now i just you know I i'm gradually wearing the stuff that i Already have well i had michael j white On here recently and he's been an actor Now for like 30 30 years that's my man we did a movie Together oh really which one yeah it's This movie called hair shop Should be coming out this year next year Yeah Shop head shop head shop yes About a psychiatrist that moved into

This neighborhood and Help everybody on the block everyday Problems and stuff He actually i don't know if he got in Trouble for this now but he revealed That He's starring in undercover brother too That's coming out Yeah yeah eddie griffin's not in it Anymore He's the undercover brother oh [ __ ] Which makes sense after black dynamite And everything else like that I could see that yeah yeah transition i Could see that we can't eddie was just Eddie was just doping no no you know but I've been here before yeah he's amazing Yeah He said something interesting he said That In general black actors careers never Elevate after winning an oscar It's the truth it's just the truth Until now i think right now we happen to Be In the midst of the only Oscar winner or nominee That has who's who's black black oscar Winner or nominee Whose career is actually Stepping up for the first time Yeah it's the first time you look at You know the moniques of the world you Look at all these actors who you know

You could even you know he even compared It to like uh Like a denzel he was Already on trajectory yeah absolutely The oscar came didn't really change that Trajectory at all right Yeah because he was already popping Right it's like when he got his oscar it Was almost like they owed him that Right you know i mean he's still rocking Rocking without it you know Do you agree or disagree i think that There is a problem There is a problem that goes on but i Don't know what it is like i said i'm I'm very big on this two sides to every Story You know i don't know if it's the fact That maybe some actors are gone After i win this oscar i need 79 million A movie now And ain't nobody coming at you but You're going yo i'm sticking to my word And i ain't moving until i get 79 Million million the movie That could that could be the situation Okay you know what i'm saying where You feel as though that you bigger than What you think you really are You know but i like that samuel l Jackson mentality i'm gonna make movies Forever like i don't care about the Money money gonna come yeah I mean because for example like jamie

Foxx he got that oscar for ray But ever since ray his roles have just Been kind of just Regular roles like you know i mean he's Not getting oscar caliber he hasn't been Nominated since Yeah yeah see what i'm saying yeah and That's not just on the actors the type Of projects that are being presented to You But see you got to understand what make You is will break you You know you do a movie that's low Budget Without no money that's an oscar-winning Movie But then you go do a sci-fi big budget Movie that ain't no oscar winning movie That's just you getting your brand but You won this oscar and you think you you You you should be getting all this money Now you refused to do a low-budget movie Again which is what made you So i i feel as though there's a balance That you need to do and i ain't talking About jamie i'm just talking about Overall people No jamie jamie's jamie jamie is one of The most talented Guys i've ever seen in my life i still Watch the jb fox show And live as if i've never seen him Before but i'm saying that as far as Like the choices that he make with his

Movies or whatever that's just him And that's how he get down or whatever But I think that if you're going to charge 25 million a movie you got money So come back down here and do a nice Little low budget film that you know is Going That is written fantastic that's going To get you that buzz Eddie murphy did dream girls and didn't Get nothing But a nomination oh you got nominated For nascar yeah yeah Yeah it got nominated for dream girls For that for no With no pay so you have to come and do These you know i'm quite sure When miller mahershala did green book Green book didn't look like it was This blockbuster movie no yeah nine to See But it don't look like it was a Blockbuster movie they didn't promote it Like This i didn't even heard when it won the Oscar i'd never even heard of that Oh yeah i heard about it i heard about It i heard it was fantastic But it wasn't posted everywhere in the World that's what i mean Like they look at him like He's just getting oscar i know he's Doing it correctly to me

You go do your sci-fi yeah big budget And then you come back and you do your Low budget Movie for yo for your oscars moonlight Looked Pretty low budget yeah it was low budget It was low budget yeah But this is what i'm telling you you do These low budget movies because they Written so well and they're so and And they're so great that you need to go Do you do a big budget to get your Payday on and then you come back down Here for the love of the craft and you Do that but you need to do both You can't go i want to oscar and i got All kind of money so therefore Every row that come to me has to be up Here no You got to come back down here in order To do something real Touch the people do you have uh emmys no I've been nominated i've been nominated One two three three times nominated Twice For writing and nominated once for Acting Nominated yeah cass yeah cass uh Ensemble cast for uh blackish Okay and you're right there you yeah and I've been nominated for writing twice With conan i had two i got two uh emmy Nominations Do emmys make a difference in a career

It makes it yeah i think i think it It makes a difference for a minute you Know like like at that moment you like Oh my god and Whatever you can parlay out of it at That moment you better parlay it because Uh two weeks later ain't nobody gonna be Like oh you like that You're gonna have to remind [ __ ] that you gotta hear me You know i mean you gotta walk around With it you gotta be like at the Restaurant Emmy nominated writer you you remember That right like You got to put that in your title and [ __ ] you know what i mean but yeah i Mean It makes it it makes a difference you Should you should do it With without that in mind but when it Comes i think It i think you and if you parlay it Right yeah it can it can make a Difference you know what i mean You know speaking of doing stuff for Money have you seen the Have you seen this uh steve harvey clip The surface Not too long ago which one i'll play it For you For four million i'll be alright [ __ ] monkey you can stand I actually seen this black

Son of a [ __ ] you ain't got to act like That much of a [ __ ] monkey Oh yeah i remember that but that's old And then He was just making a joke about [ __ ] the Money that they paid If they pay him 20 million he'd be the Best monkey on this planet earth and He'll do this and do that or whatever For 4 million but she's gotten way more Than oh yeah yeah It's a o-o-o-o joke like It's an old joke and back then It was hilarious and now And now they pulled up some [ __ ] now They trying to make a big deal that's Another area we're living in People will not allow people to grow With the times And it is so [ __ ] sad they will not Allow No one to grow with the [ __ ] times You want to keep going back in time Looking at what [ __ ] did and Then trying to make sure that Yo that this is the kind of person that They are no Well remember kevin hart with the whole Oscars thing they pulled out Five-year-old sweetie i wish to god Kevin would have hosted the oscars I almost i almost wanted to reach out to Kev but kev don't never answer me On instagram i'll be hitting my

Instagram hey kev good job Never nothing nothing so i just was like [ __ ] ain't gonna reach out or Whatever but I wish kevin would have hosted the Oscars and brought light to that he'd Brought here He'd enlightened everyone more if he did That That's just me i love kev that's my dude Loving the deaf but i wish he would have Did that But for you to go back in time and Search through this man's tweets and all This to look for something And then try to charge him on that [ __ ] That [ __ ] is [ __ ] up you got You got a lot of people to go at the Times whatever was happening then that's What was happening there everybody said Gay the word gay back there everybody Was like Look at that gay-ass sweater gay-ass Shoes gay people were saying that You know what i'm saying but that was Then until you found out you was hurting People's feelings and you was like you Know what all right well i'm not gonna I'm not gonna say that no more But once you realize that then you go oh Okay i'm not gonna do that You just you you grow with the times Remember in the airport i mean remember Remember before the

9 11 you used to be like [ __ ] you the Bum Man that [ __ ] was the bomb you can't go On the airport and say that [ __ ] now you Can't be like yo It's yo yo yo this food over here this [ __ ] the Bomb you can't say that now because Yeah they gonna what fail they gonna Lock your ass up but It's because of the times something Happened To make you go hey you can't say this And then you go oh okay we can't say That Are you supposed to take away from what You did before no that was the time and That was the saying And what people need to do is look at The time It was then and then go yo people aren't Doing that no more so therefore Allow people to grow with the times and They And they're not doing that man it's sad I mean Imagine eddie murphy putting out raw or Delirious today oh my god It would be banned it'd be muted it'd be Protesting You couldn't you couldn't do you Couldn't do raw or delirious today And those are considered the two Greatest stand-ups of of all

Time of all time of all time and you and You And you can't i will take those over any Kevin hart sam kennison God damn it like yo it was great [ __ ] who had Great material but that was the time Gay people was laughing at that [ __ ] at The time you get what i'm saying you act Like you act like you wasn't There and [ __ ] you knew everybody was [ __ ] there we were there Like that was the time and then Something happened And everybody was like oh we can't say That no more okay Well yo let's move on let's let's do Some other [ __ ] but you But you don't even honor they never Honor how you change That's a good point they never honor how You are now how how long You've went without saying these words Don't nobody give you no [ __ ] trophy For that [ __ ] They only want to look at what you've Done before do you know how long kevin Went without saying anything like that Because he changed and everybody should Change Good point you get what i'm saying That's a good thing so so so it's [ __ ] to me Now you're from chicago all day oh [ __ ]

You know where this is going oh [ __ ] Do you know r kelly yes you know him Personally How well his birthday's the day before Mine We through parties not me and him Together me and damon williams another Comedian of chicago Our birthday is the same day it's a real There's a comedian named george wilbon Adele gibbons Guy named shay shay james hannah i mean Jane i mean Damon williams the guy named tony Scofield all our birthdays are like A week apart and we're all comedians So in chicago we threw a party every Year And we would throw these parties and Everybody would come out and it would be Great Kells used to throw a party too he would Throw a party before our party would be So he'll have his party and we'll go Hang out his party and then like i think Couple time he came to our party And then just being around chicago like We got the uh the uh The uh chosen few picnic that we have Every year where we I have disco in the park in chicago i'm A big disco head like a lot of chicago Cats are And you know he'll come out there he

Even made some disco albums he made some House music albums too You know and so he'll come out there hey And say what's up to the people and i Would see him and we would hang out Backstage and just Be cool for you know for a minute but Like sitting down with chaos Having long extensive conversations and [ __ ] like we we never did that Well what do you think about his current Situation I think it's [ __ ] up all the way Around the board Right all the way around the board There's no good in this [ __ ] Whatsoever and i think that Because i'm cool with his wife too oh You know dress dress good people Real good people i just i have this hair Tool i created called easy scratch And it's like this tool you just it's a Real compact thing you scratch your hair With Dread did a couple commercials for me And [ __ ] you know she she supported This uh uh and everything and so um She's always been a good friend always Supportive everything or whatever you Know We never talked about him never talked About him it was just always good fun And [ __ ] like that I used to always make fun of her because

I used to be like damn well that must be Some good ass but i have my [ __ ] make A song about you Like which which song did you make about Yeah i think your body's calling Uh it's a few songs like that are That she you know inspired him to write Or whatever That's how you start to make fun of her About that you know like damn Like when a woman fed up you know all These songs like inspired You know by her and and and i used to be Like damn i want a soul mate [ __ ] i did i need to put in some more Work around this Package i can get me a song made about Me but you know she good people And uh you know i being from chicago It hurts to see someone That came up in this golden era in Chicago it was a golden era in chicago Where we all came up together Where it was nothing but [ __ ] Working on a craft and trying to be [ __ ] great and take over the world There was a moment in chicago in the 90s And i promise you it was open mics Everywhere And it would be the brat and it would be Common and it would be twisted And they'd be doing that psychodrama It'd be R kelly it'll be public announcement

It'd be All these it'll be danny boy from uh for From the fro like it would be like Everybody just running around the city Performing It was like bernie mac like everybody In chicago like not traveling nowhere we Would just be there performing So to see him blow up and just man Take it to a whole nother level that That [ __ ] was inspiring And and making great music and we grew Up on dude we Oh yeah we we embraced dude so to see What's happening now and you remembering These Golden days back in chicago it's just It's so hurtful it's just like damn and I keep hearing all kind of [ __ ] up [ __ ] i mean [ __ ] situations Where they're like you know the girls And i ain't taken away from nothing These women said at all Like man like whatever like i'm glad They got their stories out and all that You know what i'm saying but they saying That these women were paid from The the the documentary as well as Hales was paying them too and they was Getting money from both sides and it's All kind of rumors ah And i don't i don't know what's true Well i mean i could tell you an actual Situation cause i just interviewed lisa

Van allen She was a girl who had dealt with r Kelly for a few years And uh she met him at the home alone Video shoot When she was 17. and uh you know she was Messing with him for a few years Uh you know she detailed in our Interview how You know they said he's the tape their Sexual encounters and their threesomes And stuff like that She stole one of the tapes at one point He finds out that you took that tape Yeah he did he found it and how did that Go That was in 2007. yeah he found out About it and Um he actually asked me to come to Chicago And i i came to chicago we talked about It he asked me did i think i could get Possession of it And i told him i did and i actually Spoke with keith and got him to come to Chicago With the tape okay So i guess kelly's lawyers said that you Try to get three hundred thousand Dollars For that tape yeah no we didn't try to Get in Anything for anything no he actually No he gave he did give them money for

The tape but he gave them it was His idea he said i will give you 250 000 For the tape And that's coming out of her mouth damn So like i said i'm not knocking anything That anybody did i think this [ __ ] is Horrific all the way around the board Everything that he's done all the Stories and And i keep saying he done everything That you hear about It's all [ __ ] it's all a hot ass [ __ ] mess man Have you ever seen the tape yeah yeah we All saw it yeah it was in the hood My boy got arrested well now my boy a Dude i know One of his boys got arrested for having That in his car And got got charged with child Pornography well but there was a court Case that actually Didn't he beat that court case so Technically it's not Child pornography you see what i'm Saying yeah yeah but He he got busted that that tape when my Guy's friend got arrested and they saw That r kelly because it was a vhs Tape yeah i remember all over the city When they seen that They arrested did he actually get Convicted of chopping i don't remember They probably just threw it out they

Probably have yeah no but i remember i Saw the tape And it was really to see if it was r Kelly it wasn't to see some young girl It was like let me just see if there's r Kelly and it's like oh [ __ ] that is Our [ __ ] kelly yeah we all seen That tag we all seen it And um you know this girl lisa van allen Actually Had a threesome with that same girl Sparkle's niece and it was filmed Really he would just film everything Yeah who the hell films illegal Activities No i died this is like stunting for the Gram before the gram Dude that's what i mean but it's got to Be something there's got to be something Else going on Man mentally man that that like You can't have a whole bunch of yes man Around you man and [ __ ] Ain't like helping you out and [ __ ] you Know what i mean like helping you out With your situations because I'm quite sure he wasn't doing all this [ __ ] by himself man You know and and allegedly doing all This [ __ ] by himself You know i mean money Money will make bring out the worst in People It does it really does it really does

And anyone will churn a blind eye Have you talked to anybody that that Think highly of him Lucy lucy does yeah Boos he doesn't believe in any of this [ __ ] he believes that you know he's he's Around all his entertainers and he said They don't have to take no [ __ ] from Nobody these women are throwing Themselves You know chris brown and r kelly and all Them He doesn't believe any of it you know i Just think is i think it's I think what what makes this [ __ ] even Cloudy Is that there's truth and then there's Lies Well here's why i think that that's What's making all this cloudy And you'll never really know the real Truth and about any of this [ __ ] Here is my take and this is like i've Interviewed public announcement i've Interviewed lisa van allen Um i'm sure i'll interview some more People along the way From both sides and the one conclusion That i have come up with Beyond a shadow of a doubt that when you Look at all these situations All these situations everyone's dirty On both sides and that's what i was Everyone's dirty r kelly doing dirty

[ __ ] And the people that are accusing them Are dirty themselves no one's really a Victim And that's what i'm saying i'm saying That it's it's It's truth and it's lies right all Together I'll tell you an interesting story this Was in our in my interview with public Announcement Public announcement originally were Three members right There's a i interviewed two of them There's a third member named earl And earl left because he told the other Two guys That he had seen r kelly having sex with Aleah so he quit the group Right they asked r kelly about it he Didn't deny it He said what has i got to do with him Right this kept it pushing right And i said well how did you guys react When you heard this he goes well We didn't completely believe him and Here's why What a lot of people don't know was that Earl's wife Was sparkle After earl quit the group After seeing r kelly you know Having sex with a 15 year old He then came back

And to the other public announcement guy Said hey My wife got this demo i want you to give It to r kelly They say you should want us to do this Okay they brought it to r kelly Arcade said yeah i love it but if he Wants me to produce this I just want to produce it by myself She's going to have to stay in the Studio You know sleep on the couch work day Night until we get this album together And they they came back and told them That they said look listen Our kelly would produce your wife but We're going to tell you she's not going To come back Said nah nah i'll be fine she never came Back And the question is now After allegedly seeing r kelly Having sex with a 15 year old what man Would bring his wife back to that same Guy And leave him alone with her for weeks You see what i'm saying like it's it's So it's so dirty All around it's dirty all the way all Around You cannot come to a sound conclusion on This And i get it and i understand that i Understand these stories that these

Women are telling and i get that I get i get all of that i get it and i Sympathize with them So much i truly do but The word on the street is that a lot of These people Are trying to everybody's trying to get Paid and they have got paid You know that's why he's broke that's Why he's broke he's been paying people Quarter million They got money from the network the People who did the documentary he Paid him like and everybody's just like Yo so But but at the same token i don't think Everybody's lying about this he he If if it sounds like a duck can you walk Like a duck it's a goddamn duck i think All right kelly is a pedophile If you yeah if you out here [ __ ] Around with young girls why are you even With young girls Like my thing is well if you if you got Beat off a case of some [ __ ] like That why are you still even hanging in The vicinity Of [ __ ] young girls i wouldn't be Nowhere around though young Man i would be with [ __ ] women That So [ __ ] oh get the retirement [Laughter] Teeth back in girl oh

Every [ __ ] i [ __ ] with will have a Ointment drawer [Laughter] Every woman i'm [ __ ] with will have a Ointment drawer goddammit like Old as hell like forget that well And then so it's just it's just it's It's like It's like why do you keep it make Yourself like why do you keep doing that And i get it like some i heard this Story too i heard that You know a lot of older men like younger Women That's just what it is like that's just A preference like Some men like light-skinned women some Of them like dark-skinned women Something like that But my thing is why are they So young underage yeah i don't know or Close to Close to legal age why would you what do You even have in common with a legal age Person you know what i'm saying and And and maybe maybe you do have Something in common with them i don't Know i'm just talking about if i was on The case i would Well i remember uh nick cannon said Something interesting because nick Worked with r kelly you know gigolo and Stuff like that those songs His first album actually was mostly done

By our kelly and he said Kelly is special a kelly is there's Genius there Kelly can't read but that's what i'm Saying Like we're just going to go and he's Admitted it yeah like on that admit song Although i don't know but and i've been In the i've i've been in the studio with Both of them And what are kevin you did yeah Kelly produced like half my first album Okay but like What r kelly can do in a studio is Genius like i've watched my man maneuver And make a hit record In less than 15 minutes but that But he the way his social skills Are poor yeah it's just like we see that Like i Get i see why that man is attracted to a Younger girl because he's They're that they totally yeah they They're on the same level Once you get over the fact that this man Is a great singer and performer What's your conversation going to be About you can't read He said in that in that new interview With gayle king that he went into a bank For the first time ever two weeks ago And he's like 52. i saw that I saw that and you've made hundreds of Millions of dollars along the way like

You walk into a bank for the first time Ever Yeah i saw that [ __ ] wrong with you well Nick cannon said it's that just blew my Mind a little bit Think about that that's not that that You're illiterate Yeah an educated woman with a college Degree doesn't have a whole lot in Common with you I get that that can add to the problem It still doesn't Just doesn't justify she doesn't justify [ __ ] but still at the same token I get it yeah i get all this [ __ ] same Thing with michael jackson like i i Was like i say that yeah like with mike Like Mike never had a childhood and all that [ __ ] and i just think I think that him hanging out with these Other little kids Put him in a certain place mentally like That he felt comfortable with them to do The [ __ ] that little boys [ __ ] do and i think it was it's it's Wrong And it was and it's [ __ ] up and you Shouldn't do that but his mentality Probably just wasn't there to go That something is wrong like something And something is wrong and Did you see uh like like did you see Leaving neverland yeah i saw that

Both parts i saw all of it yeah me saw All of it The oprah thing at the end i saw all of It what'd you think I it was it was enlightening It was but i just like i said here we go Again With placing blame like like i think He shouldn't have never been around just By herself with anybody kid You should never have your kid just Sitting up with a grown Ass man i don't care how magical this [ __ ] is you have kids Yeah i got how many kids you got one one Kid how old Sixteen okay Is there any sort of situation where you Would allow no You ain't even gotta finish now go ahead Finish the question but go ahead I mean you know the question no is there Any situation Where you would allow your child no To be with a grown Man that you don't no not no Whatever spend the night my mind don't Even My mind can't even grasp that I cannot even go pick up a grown man to Come hang out with my kid They picked him up and brought him back To i don't give a [ __ ] how many Albums you got i don't give a [ __ ] about

None of that [ __ ] If you go hang out with my kid and you In the room with him It's eventually it's gonna be a moment I'm gonna be like Mike let me talk to you for a second now Why you like hanging out with my [ __ ] kid again like Refresh my memory just i just no no why Why you ain't with no hoes And nothing like why you want to be with Him like This ain't strange to you you ain't got No women you want to hang out with I don't see you with no women i don't Even see you with no man Like what like what is it about my kid That like I would have a conversation with him Like and be like yo dude Like yo we can't keep doing this i mean And there's different sides to it the One thing that annoys me is this whole He never had a childhood Excuse because the way i look at it is Like yeah [ __ ] you didn't have A traditional childhood right because Your dad Was helping you become a [ __ ] Superstar now you're rich as [ __ ] Right doing what you love right you know Spending each day doing whatever the [ __ ] you want flying private Living in mansions and whatever else who

The [ __ ] cares if you didn't Get to go to birthday parties and [ __ ] As a kid because if your dad didn't do All that [ __ ] you'd be probably working At the gm plant Exactly you know hating your [ __ ] job Exactly But This [ __ ] been putting out not Not Since the age of five hits Not songs hits this is different Hits yeah number ones i know a [ __ ] name marcus that's been Making Music forever ain't nobody heard of this [ __ ] at All so we ain't talking songs I keep telling him to get the job but he Will not do it [ __ ] still rhyming still Yo got a catalog he got about about 15 Albums Ain't nobody heard it nobody heard it no No right so we talking Hits yeah promotion studio hits You get out there and joe jackson's like You go out there and you learn them Dance moves you do this Only fun you having is in the hotel room That's all the only fun you ever have in This with your brothers you ain't around Nobody else you ain't around all the Women

No other kids you won't you ain't doing None of that [ __ ] So when you get older you feel like Yo you know what i'm going to go back And get something that that i missed And i do understand that and i get what You're saying you like you know that That ain't no excuse But yeah but in that way you're gonna go Depending on the individual you're gonna Be like man I miss not being able to ride a bike Not being able to like have a girlfriend To play like a kid That that'll [ __ ] with you in a sense Where you like yo You know what i mean i mean i'll tell You me before i had Any money when i was younger i remember I wanted to mark buchanan leather this Used to be these three-quarter length Leathers with the With the fur around the collar Three-quarter joint butter sauce you Know what i'm talking about Yeah butter sauce i had no money to get That when i did get some money they was All out of style My [ __ ] what'd i go get it [ __ ] was like i remember that I went and bought a mark buchanan Because i never had it yeah and i Wanted it so bad you get what i'm saying So if your

Mind is like man i want a childhood I want this i want that that goal even Like i even I even look at that with like certain Athletes and [ __ ] like that and i ain't Trying to get off the subject but like If you if you're like a unattractive [ __ ] And you're told you can't get the most Beautiful woman in the world and the Most light-skinned Pretty woman or whatever the [ __ ] and You want that And you never got it as soon as you get To the league what you getting You're getting one and i go with white Women whatever the [ __ ] like you're Gonna be like Yo i want to go get this woman whatever The [ __ ] that you wanted Hispanic woman asian one whatever you Gonna go Get that [ __ ] that you thought About your entire life You're gonna go get that [ __ ] Because they kept telling you no all That time So i think it's the same thing when it Comes to Mike i think he felt like i've never had This childhood i'm gonna go do this And now i'm doing this child like things With these kids But child like things go all the way

Around the board Like child [ __ ] be like child [ __ ] You do your first kiss with a girl when You young like You you do these child things that Escalate That shouldn't be done but i'm saying That he's still mentally Doing child [ __ ] and that goes sexually As well as toys and all that [ __ ] you Get what i'm saying i ain't talking About sex toys don't talk about just Actual real toys well keep this in mind But i still think it's [ __ ] up yeah It's [ __ ] up but Because even as a child i wasn't Sleeping in the same bed with other boys No no no no no no no like okay check This out You have a sleepover with some [ __ ] kids and they come over And y'all play together and hey yeah I've actually go over here With your friends and [ __ ] like yeah Okay okay so that's what i'm saying yeah Not the same thing But but this kid's this kid [ __ ] if you Got like two of your cousins two other Friends or whatever and all y'all in the Same Goddamn bed yes you have done that we All have done that [ __ ] A grown man doing that [ __ ] no that's [ __ ] up but his mind

Is that of a toddler of me of a young Kid and i still don't justify none of That [ __ ] I'm just trying to think that's what Makes Sense to me and i think he should have The right people around him telling him Yo dude you can't do this you can't do That and there should have been more [ __ ] on him Than what it was but here's the thing About what you just said And i think that if you're not our age You don't Fully comprehend this at his height Michael jackson was the most famous Person on earth since jesus christ Yes and i do not say this lightly No you could show me any pope any President any movie star Any any musician yes any activist Any whatever the [ __ ] any world leader Any whatever Michael jackson was more famous than All of them yes you know how michael Jordan's really famous these days Ain't [ __ ] compared to michael j michael Jackson michael jackson jordan would Walk in no one would even notice jordan I honestly don't think that there's been A more famous person since mike I'm gonna forehead i'm gonna throw that Out jesus christ jesus christ jesus Christ i think is more famous than mike

Jesus christ and michael jackson yeah Those are the two more most famous People of the last 2 000 you agree with That See what i'm saying so you essentially Are looking at A god on earth i would agree with that Even the popes Who are supposed to be god on earth or The connection to god you know if you're A catholic Are not holding a candle to the way People will lose their [ __ ] right with a Michael jackson So who is really going to tell michael Jackson anything And get a respectful reply you see what I'm saying The rules do not apply that it doesn't Apply it does not apply You have all the money in the world all The fame in the world You could buy whatever you want oh the Beatles catalog i'll just buy that You know anything in the world anything You want use me probably You can do whatever you want to do so Therefore And and therefore that little [ __ ] means Something to them I remember a friend of mine was around Prince one time And he went to prince house and This guy this guy used to be super cool

He went to prince house And prince walked up to him was like This Look and and and and Dude looked at the picture and there was A woman with a camera On the picture and prince was like yeah I got that [ __ ] And then uh my boy was like what did you Talk about he was like she was She was taking pictures of me so i took A picture back at that [ __ ] and i got That [ __ ] And he was like like She's a weird [ __ ] that made his day Yo you know what i mean he That made like he's showing people like Look So you get when you when you famous Like right yo it'd be like that Normal little [ __ ] that just like make You That make your day so i guess mike felt Like Oh if i get out this house and i go sit At this house and i hang out then yeah This is This is normal to me well i said Something on my instagram I said after watching surviving Neverland here's my take We'll never know what happened between Michael jackson and those two boys But we do know both of them filed

Lawsuits Trying to get millions once someone Comes forward Who doesn't want money and details of Michael jackson's You know alleged abuse then i will Believe it a lot more than what i'm Hearing now Because and if you watch that oprah You know that talk afterwards remember When she asked him like well You know why did you sue he goes well Because i wanted to get the attention of The jackson estate Right well why were you asking for Millions well i wasn't even really Thinking about the money come on man cut That [ __ ] out yeah yeah Cut that [ __ ] out yeah yeah yeah Absolutely absolutely Cut that [ __ ] [ __ ] out you were You're sort of like 100 million you're Not thinking about the money Your career ain't doing [ __ ] these days Like come on cut it out well let's Let's let's let's let's take it here i Told you again I am an advocate of two sides to every Goddamn story If something happened to you where you Were molested or something happened you You abused or whatever when you were Younger And and this tormented you your whole

Life and then you finally get to a point Where you like you know what I'm gonna go after this [ __ ] and You do Are you is is is is money are you gonna Think about money You are yeah you are most people do You unless you're financially at the Point where you don't really care Like but like i'm like a macaulay culkin But you but you're not So therefore the majority of people Would be like yo I'm going to sue because that's just the American way You're going to sue and that and money's Going to come up so what makes him any Different than anybody else to go yo You know what i'm going to put up money I'm going to sue for money because i'm Quite sure everybody in his Ear was telling him to do that ain't Nobody going to go Yo you know what let's go get michael Jackson and put him in jail Like everybody probably went to him and Was like yo get You might as well get some money out of Not saying that it's right but i'm just Saying that He's only doing what was probably told To him you know what i mean And who wouldn't have did that i mean i Think he's trying to get a check

I mean yeah um and this is what i mean By everyone's just dirty on both sides Once again you see what i'm saying once Again like Like if he just wanted okay look i'm Suing for a hundred dollars Pay me my hundred dollars and admit what You did it will be even it will be even No i want 100 million and it got thrown Out of court and they're appealing Yeah they're both suing and and and so What make you is what break you again You went after the money you added the Money into there and the money is Actually what Brought what broke the deal will not Completely believe you Right i don't know what happened i do Not know i do know that i interviewed This dude named ronnie newt He was a gangster out of uh out of the Bay area whose kids Uh called the neutrons were signed to Joe jackson And he showed me pictures of him being At michael jackson's house he's wearing The glove he's hanging out with michael Here's bubbles Whatever and he pulled out a picture he Said this right here Is a picture of my son in his underwear At michael jackson's house They offered me 200 thousand dollars to Say that michael jackson molested my son

I said i'm here to help michael i said Oh no we don't but anywhere we want with You We heard it that that your boys spent Nights at the house we went to Michael tampa with them i just picked Them up or touched them in any kind of Way If they did we got 200 000 for you i Said huh I just got out of prison i said man i Can't do that i can't tell a lot like That i ain't doing that But there it goes again it's it's it's Truth in lies through the lives truth And lies absolute Everything man what i honestly feel in This whole situation like i said i don't Know what happened behind closed doors But personally i feel like those two Mothers should get the [ __ ] death Penalty [ __ ] [ __ ] those two mothers from the uh The michael jackson [ __ ] The fact that they're leaving their son For a week This is what i'm saying you have to look At the actions of Others these women you have to look at What they did Why are you allowing your son because It's michael jackson You're allowing a grown man you you went And picked

Up a grown man to come sleep at your House With your son repeatedly you allowed This man to get you a hotel room away From your son On a whole nother floor than your son Own a whole nother hotel than your son You repeatedly allowed this because why Because you was caught up you had the Limo You had a jet too you had money you Bought whatever you have I said you bought a house you was Getting stuff too And it made and it deluded your Attention away from what was important So therefore even if all that [ __ ] was True you have to look at you have to Place blame on other people as well like Like It's it's it's two sides to every [ __ ] story everybody need to be held Accountable All this [ __ ] can't happen alone Everyone had A part in this you cannot do everything That's going on You cannot have done this alone there is Someone else that aided you regardless i Don't give a [ __ ] who you are or what Your situation is In every situation that we discuss right Now there was someone Who ate it if it goes if it deals with r

Kelly michael jackson There are others who ate it at the end Of the day Yes the act was wrong i get that but What led to that How did it get there you know what i Mean you know and i i've always said Because you know i really push for Financial literacy you know i have a Instagram page called vlad stocks where I talk about different investment Strategies and you know and stuff like That And i've always said that you will Always make Better decisions if you have a financial Base When you're living paycheck to paycheck You will make the worst [ __ ] Decisions in your life Yes you will so all those And one and one [ __ ] up move i throw Your whole [ __ ] All off and this is why i said like have A savings Have have a lot of money put aside yes You know Live under your means so you could have A bag So you're not chasing after You know things that you know you're not Supposed to be doing Because you're worried about paying your Mortgage next month you're worried about

Getting your car repo'd and stuff like That when you have a Financial base you will look at a Situation Say yeah we could hang out michael i'm Leaving my son In a closed room period yeah you know r Kelly Oh yeah who's the last person he put out Sparkle in the 90s He doesn't put nobody on my daughter Ain't going to get [ __ ] out of this We got to go somewhere else with this [ __ ] right right you know this promise Of fame None of these [ __ ] put nobody On no one got famous Off these people if you have a sound Bank account and you have money you make Rational rational decisions decisions Yes you do And and decisions that take thought and That goes with everything that even goes With you won't even fight a [ __ ] Right i got too much you got too much to Lose you know i mean like you would be Like you know you'll look at a fight Differently somebody call you a [ __ ] You'd be like All right i'll be your [ __ ] Being sprinter and get the [ __ ] out of Here Yeah man so yeah yeah yeah a bank Account

Yes yo you having money you'll make Sound decisions Absolutely i i agree [ __ ] My [ __ ] be so [ __ ] i can't even [ __ ] Like If i go shopping and i got to piss then I will i may i be buying all kind of [ __ ] just I better put that on the counter hurry Up just go i get home it's mediums and [ __ ] [ __ ] that i shouldn't know you're Too rich these days right right Because i'm not because i'm Uncomfortable you know what i mean and That's all you're basically saying You know i mean about being about about Having a Sound bank account yeah you know you Know i think we're at a very interesting Time like I have a a theory to this and you know This is just my theory and i felt that Historically There's always going to be a fight for Power With just humans including men and women You know when in society relationships Whatever there's always a struggle for Who has the most power And the one thing that women have always Had over men is sex You know women ultimately decide when That man will have sex

Yeah but you look at 2019 With social media and so and the concept Of fame Being so much more widespread now That sex for men is much easier to come By than it was 20 years ago so you now have an evening Of the power structure In society so how are women going to Equalize that Well the metoo movement is one of those Ways Okay well now we're gonna okay you know Having sex with me is not as big of a Deal as it was Okay well now i'm gonna be able to sue You and i'm gonna Kill you in the court of public opinion And i'm gonna destroy your career and I'm gonna Elevate myself by looking like a victim And so forth and there are very serious Examples of this and there are rapists And there are pedophiles and there are Predators and so forth like that But i think that a lot of these cases Are just money grabs You know or just shakedowns yeah man you Know People lose their [ __ ] that's not to Take away from not to take away But you know that a lot of these are Just shakedowns and money grabs yeah i Mean you know

Like i said before man lies in truth The loot man they dilute everything and So You just don't know what's what you know And You have to hear all sides to every Situation you can't just sit back and be Like This is what it is because somebody says Something because that's what's Happening Somebody will say something and all of a Sudden everybody just believe it yeah You know what i'm saying like that Dwight howard [ __ ] that was like he Was sleeping with us and [ __ ] and Everybody just went off well dwight Howard be like It's like oh yeah you don't know if That's true or not man and yo Somebody asked that man like yo like What like like what's the situation that [ __ ] I think but it really ain't even on your Business to be honest yeah she wants to [ __ ] train he's right yeah You know who cares man and i think that That A lot of the problem is is that A lot of these people who get accused Are very silent Themselves they'll speak to their Lawyers and they'll speak at all and so Forth like

Imagine if r kelly made his own Documentary And said okay y'all accuse me of this And that's cool and Whatever else but let me show you Let me show you these people who are Accusing me some of their backstories Let me show you these facts here's Here's the girl who extorted me And here's some interviews talking about How she extorted me you know here is Somebody here's all these parents that Knew all about my background and still Left their little girl with me You know what i mean i paid Yeah here's all these women who were 30 When i met them That are now turning against me and Whatever else but here's all the [ __ ] You know like for example i know you're Friends with drea kelly But there's videos out there you know Because she's crying all through the Surviving r kelly but there's videos Saying R kelly's my best friend and oh i loved Being mrs kelly and going into Restaurants and you know And i love him so much he's the greatest Person ever but then Later on when the child support check Starts coming he's a monster But when was that tape not that long ago After their divorce

How's that after that divorce because When she was doing that tv show when she Was doing that tv show that hollywood Exes see it just to me man It's just when when where were they at Where were they on good terms at the Time were they not Because people can pull up these videos Man they can pull all this [ __ ] up man And they can make these stories up man And you just don't know i just want People to just Quit looking at [ __ ] as soon as They hear something that's what it is Because we we're in that era too where It's like as soon as you hear something It's like Oh that's god that's it you know what i Mean that's what it is Yo yo yo he said this oh yeah that's law Listen and it's like that ain't it's Like man you gotta look at all this Stuff man they just removed The michael jackson episode from the Simpsons they're they're taking Statues down and you know everything Else like that and it's like it's like That's that's that that's not And i understand that this [ __ ] is [ __ ] up and it's all [ __ ] up i get That Still in all but like i just I'm just like i said i'm big on y'all Let's

Because in the court of law you got to Do this and then you got to show this Michael jackson actually won in his Criminal case he sure did And so therefore it's like man you you Have to you yeah We just in the world now man where Anybody could say Anything and just they put that [ __ ] on That boom And everybody run with it and it's like Yo man we We're just living in a weird time right Now man where you just got to be Careful and just get the [ __ ] out of Everybody way man and just Chill that's what it is dion cole always A pleasure man congrats Thank you fam global ambassador yeah oh Spicy let me just put that out there Again you know what i mean Put that out there so when you're you Know In europe somewhere watching commercials You might see them pop up You know congrats blackish and grown-ish Blackish And gross still doing stand-up iso Any specials coming up yeah we we Shooting a netflix special this should Do a netflix special yeah netflix Special i'm excited about that Check out my easy scratch at e z dash and check me out on

Instagram yeah you got some movies Coming up also A hair shop we got two minutes of fame Uh friendsgiving a couple yeah a lot a Lot of independent movies coming out Doing your thing man yeah you're right We rocking we rocking what it is until Next time Peace thanks bro

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